Tropical Rainforests

Kate Anderson:
- constant temperature temperature of about 80F
- rainfall ranges between 75-100 inches per year
- some plants live on trunks and branches of trees where they catch organic matter falling from the canopy
- orchids grow on trunks for nutrients
external image rainforepiphytes_jup.jpg

- some plants have very large leaves to capture scarce light
- arrowhead plants have large waxy leaves and drip tips
external image 1178731206_rainforest-leaf-arrow.jpg
- roots of trees are shallow and spread out to capture nutrients in poor soil
- trees have buttresses for added support
external image 1110143866_d1304698fd.jpg
- flowers have elaborate devices to attract pollinators
- some animals live in tree canopies where shelter and available food supplies are abundant and where they can escape form predators
- many animals use camouflage to hide from predators
- the satanic leaf-tailed gecko is able to blend into its surroundings
external image Gecko_1501448c.jpg
- some animals are poisonous and have bright colors to warn predators
- the bright colors of the poison dart frog keep predators away
external image poison-dart-frog.jpg
- some animals have adapted to eat plants and animals that few others do
- the toucan has developed hard beaks that enable it to break open nuts
external image amazon-rainforest-toucan.jpg
- some animals are nocturnal and are able to escape the hot temperatures during the day