Cameron Crawford-Mook

the angler fish lives deep in the ocean, where it is very dark. The angler fish has a light that attracts prey to its very toothy mouth, which allows the angler fish to out compete other species

Mikaela Strech
an example of natural selection: take a population of bacteria. Bacteria resistant to a certain chemical in their environment will have a reproductive advantage over those who do not. The future generation will have that "adaptation" that allows them to survive.

Adaptations of the Fire Salamander
external image bernardezi.jpg?26005
external image bernardezi.jpg?26005

All species of fire salamander have poison glands just behind their eyes which help to restrain predators. They have eyes that help them see in the dark. They have tails which help them escape from predators and maintain balance.
~Brittany Kashat 3rd hour~