Scientific Method

Independant Variable
Dependant Variable

Temperature of the water
DO Levels in the water
water type/amount, same oxygen test, temperature for each variable remains constant
if the weather remains cool the Do level in the water will stay acceptable

pH of the water
Shrimp location
Amount of shrimp, water source, quality, and temperature, time
If the shrimp swim toward the KOH side, then brine shrimp prefer water with a higher pH.

number of seeds per pot
amount of dirt, water, sunlight, and time
If more seed are planted, then the biomass will be lower

Concentration of copper sulfate (%)
Survival rate of shrimp
10 brine shrimp in each petry dish, 24 and 48 hour periods
If a 1% concentration of copper sulfate is used, then 50% of the brine shrimp will die within 48 hours

1.What type of herbicide
2. How long plants were exposed to herbicides
Death rate of weeds
Water, Sunlight, Soil
1. If herbicide 1 is used, it will kill more weeds than herbicides 2,3,4, and 5
2. If the weeds are exposed to herbicides for a longer period of time, then more of them will die.